About Us


Vishesh Films is an Indian film producing company owned by brothers, Mahesh Bhatt and Mukesh Bhatt. It is also known for the Mahesh Bhatt School of Cinema. 

Mahesh & Mukesh are the owner of film production house, Vishesh Films. The production house was named after Vishesh Bhatt son of Mukesh Bhatt in 1986.

Vishesh Films have always been welcoming to new faces and fresh talent; these new faces are the well- known names of Bollywood today.

Vishesh Films music has always been outstanding; singers, music directors, lyricists, composers and others enjoy working with the banner. 

Bhatt's films show an unusual engagement with the psychological damage arising from infringement of social norms, situations which are characteristic deep mental/emotion damage and trauma. These films provided challenges of characterization to their actors, who included both parallel and mainstream stars.